Migration From Big Commerce

Complete Build Out Of The Shopify Sense Theme.

Baby Clothing Brand


In 2022 Baby Wit decided to move to Shopify to take advantage of the new 2.0 themes, product management, lower cost of developement and more easily integrated marketing channels.

We built their store out on the Shopify 2.0 Sense Theme and customized the theme in various ways.

Dynamically Generated Tab Content

Because Baby Wit is in the process of converting all their products to organic they needed a way to let the customer know if the variant they were purchasing was organic or traditional cotton.

They have over 16000 variants so this was no easy task but using Matrixify we were able to add variant metadata for all the metafields without too much difficulty. I moved all their customer and order history over along with the customer retention program point data. I exported all their gift certificates using the BigCommerce API as they are normally not accessible.


There was a great deal of content to move over as Baby Wit has been up for over 7 years in the Big Commerce Platform. I created redirects for all the content, products and categories. I moved the domain hosting over to Shopify and set up 3rd party email hosting on Zoho.

Baby Wit Website

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