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Makers Outlet Needed A Solution Fast.

E-Commerce Website

Makers Outlet did not exist until the first week of September 2021 when a grant was provided by the city of Portland to test the concept of selling local maker's overstock via a dedicated storefront space. There was a mad rush to put an infrastructure in place built from a concept that only existed on paper. They had various needs including tracking sales of the various vendors in the store, tracking inventory online and in the store and being able to easily have vendors upload products to the store. Within a period of two weeks a name, all branding and a custom theme was developed using Shopify's new Dawn theme.

Due to cost limitation and the short duration of the pop up store, it was decided to use to sync the commissions of all the makers. Makers Outlet also needed a quick and easy way to add photos of all the one of a kind products that were flowing into the store. Photoroom was used to easily shoot product photos that could then be uploaded via the Shopify app to the store.

Customizations to the theme included color and pattern thumbnail options showing on the category pages. A ticker on the front page, dynamic size charts, the ability to pair products on one product page, dynamic metadata flowing into the product pages, a custom navigation bar and parallax effects on various page and much more.

Makers Outlet closed its doors and website at the end of January. Below is a link to a video of a walkthrough of the website before it was shut down.

Makers Outlet Store Video

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