Rebranding, Repositioning, Full Build Of A Shopify E-Commerce Store

The Rebranding Of Yankers To Mod Unions.


From Yankers To Mod Unions™

The trademark for Yankers had been allowed to lapse and it was discovered during an attempt at reregistration that Crank Yankers had also filed registration for the same trademark. A decision was made to rebrand.

Yankers has had a difficult times positioning their product. It was determined the best course of action was provide a frame of reference throughout all the branding.

Yankers is a modernized union suit.

E-Commerce Store

I built a full Shopify store basing it on the theme I had created for Makers Outlet, changing the color pallete and updating the theme to Dawn 3.0. I added in collapisble tabs that dynamically pulled in variant metafields for the fabrics.

I made the Marquee customizable so it can be easily updated every day with a new womxn of distinction or quote.

I integrated marketing email app, google, facebook and pinterest channels. I added free downloadable pattern as product and much more.

I added all the products and created content for SEO.

The Mod Union™ Website

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